Garlic inventories are temporarily changed to zero on all stock, as I pack the remaining garlic up for a large festival. All current orders will be packed and shipped by Friday (Oct 1st). Pre-orders for corn and bean seeds will continue to be accepted. Thanks for your orders. Depending on remaining stock, garlic inventories will be updated October 8th or so.

Varieties available in 5 lb bulk bags

New this year, I am offering some varieties in 5 pound bulk bags. The price of "seed garlic" has shot through the roof on some sites, so I want to competitively offer more reasonable options to those looking to plant (or process) larger volumes. I grow my garlic organically (small "o") and carefully cure it for good growing and storing qualities and rogue for disease. This collection is just a cross-reference of whichever varieties currently have enough inventory for the 5 lb bulk option (click on the dropdown bar to select the 5 lb option). At $75, that is $15 per pound, my most competitive price, and surely beating those $20-$30 per pound options out there. Looks like the farmers are charging $15+ wholesale to distributors and then you get to pay the 30-50% distributor markup, too :) Buy direct and save! Email me if you have any grower questions- for example, bulbs per lb. That varies year to year and by variety. I can give you a heads up of what to order if you prefer bulb count (that's how I save seed for myself, anyway).
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