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Varieties available in 5 lb bulk bags

New this year, I am offering some varieties in 5 pound bulk bags. The price of "seed garlic" has shot through the roof on some sites, so I want to competitively offer more reasonable options to those looking to plant (or process) larger volumes. I grow my garlic organically (small "o") and carefully cure it for good growing and storing qualities and rogue for disease. This collection is just a cross-reference of whichever varieties currently have enough inventory for the 5 lb bulk option (click on the dropdown bar to select the 5 lb option). At $75, that is $15 per pound, my most competitive price, and surely beating those $20-$30 per pound options out there. Looks like the farmers are charging $15+ wholesale to distributors and then you get to pay the 30-50% distributor markup, too :) Buy direct and save! Email me if you have any grower questions- for example, bulbs per lb. That varies year to year and by variety. I can give you a heads up of what to order if you prefer bulb count (that's how I save seed for myself, anyway).
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