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2021 garlic festivals

First, a quick note to everybody who has supported me at festivals in the past and placed an order through the site in 2020- thanks so much. You turned a potentially bad year for the farm, into a pretty darn good one. It kept the lights on, kept me going, and meant a lot. I also want to thank the first-time online customers who found me too. 

I also want to thank anyone and everyone involved in the Southwestern Vermont Chamber of Commerce's GarlicTown USA event that they put on, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend last year. They did great work coming up with a Covid-19-conscientious event that allowed many of us farmers to reach a number of our supporters. They thought on their feet, designed it well (vendors scattered throughout beautiful green spaces in downtown Bennington), and really put in some work.

The organizers of Warrensburg Farmer's Market also did a great job with the Warrensburg Garlic Festival, thanks to them as well. I'm always blown away by the support I get from people- old customers and new- in a three hour window in a small town like Warrensburg.

Finally- I also am really grateful to my 2020 wholesale partners, Moses Farm in Eagle Bridge, NY (directions) and Perry's Orchard in White Creek (directions here), who kindly carried and sold my garlic at their businesses, and of course grateful to the people who bought my garlic there.

So, with that- here's the scoop for 2021. I certainly plan on returning to the festivals with gusto in 2021, provided the Covid situation will allow that. Understandably, festival organizers have a tough job to do, since the beginning of planning usually happens in winter and early spring, and yet none of us really know what things will look like by September or October.

When I have updated info on their planning that I can share, I will post that. That being said, if any of you CANNOT make it to a festival, or choose not to due to your own Covid risk concerns, etc, I want you to know I will always be in the business of shipping garlic by mail.

Here's to hoping the festivals can be on! God I miss good garlic knots.

Here are links to their official sites-

Southern Vermont Garlic Festival (aka Bennington Garlic Festival), Bennington, VT- usually Labor Day Weekend every year (will be September 4th and 5th, 2021). Useful to note that this will be the Silver Anniversary year (25 years). Check out the Chamber of Commerce website for lodging options, food, etc, in the region.

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival, Saugerties, NY. Usually the weekend before Columbus Day weekend (October 2nd and 3rd, 2021 this year). Saugerties Chamber of Commerce website here, to check out the area beforehand.

Warrensburg Garlic Festival, Warrensburg, NY. Usually the Friday of Columbus Day weekend, which is October 8th this year. Please note this is a shorter festival, from 3pm to 6pm, important to plan in advance!






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