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2021 garlic festivals

First, a quick note to everybody who has supported me at festivals in the past and placed an order through the site this year (2020)- thanks so much. You turned a potentially bad year for the farm, into a pretty darn good one. It kept the lights on, kept me going, and meant a lot. It's been a rough year for the world and the country but in this corner of the world, things were okay, with your support.

So, with that- here's the scoop for 2021. I certainly plan on returning to the festivals with gusto in 2021, and hopefully the Covid situation will allow that. When I have updated info on their planned dates, I will post that! The usual is Southern Vermont (Bennington) Garlic and Herb Festival to be on Labor Day weekend, for Hudson Valley (Saugerties) Garlic and Herb Festival to be the weekend before Columbus Day, and for Bethlehem (Connecticut) Garlic and Herb Festival to be on Columbus Day weekend itself. My ability to be at Warrensburg Garlic and Herb Festival depends on staffing (i.e. can I kidnap and bribe a close family member?), if it is on the same weekend as one of the big three (i.e. on a Friday right before the Sat/Sun of one of the bigger ones).

If any of you CANNOT make it to a festival, or choose not to due to your own Covid risk concerns, etc, I want you to know I will always be in the business of shipping garlic by mail- I was before, and will continue to be.

Here's to hoping the festivals can be on! God I miss good garlic knots...



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