2019 garlic festivals

The word is officially in- I'll be back to Bennington, Saugerties, and Bethlehem! It's another hat trick year. Here are the 2019 dates for these festivals- mark your calendars now!

Southern Vermont Garlic and Herb Festival, Bennington, Vermont- August 31st and September 1sthttps://www.bennington.com/garlicfest/ .

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival, Saugerties, New York on September 28th and 29th


Bethlehem, Connecticut - Bethlehem Garlic and Harvest Festival,October 12th and 13th (Columbus Day weekend) - http://www.garlicfestct.com/

If you can make it out to any one of these, I highly recommend it. They're always a good time. If not feel free to order through the website. Happy garlic hunting!