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Tuscarora White corn ears hanging on a pole, drying in a greenhouse
Tuscarora White corn ears drying in a tunnel

Tuscarora White Corn

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Tuscarora White, also known as Iroquois White, is an heirloom of the Haudenosaunee (commonly called Iroquois) people of current New York state.

It is a delicious, creamy corn that is at its best with butter and maple syrup for breakfast, though I've also used it as hominy in beef stews, where it puffs up to the size of a chickpea and absorbs the savory flavors of what it's with, while giving a wholesome flavor that we most often associate with tortillas. Rather soft kernels that puff up quite a bit when nixtamalized (boiled with lime and thoroughly rinsed).

It is native to this area, being brought up here in the 1600's when the Tuscarora people joined the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. I acquired my seed from several sources and grew them out last year to confirm they're true to historic type. All sources were good, and now I have a healthy genetically diverse, true to type block.

It is an 8-row corn, the kernels are very large, oblong, and fill out long ears of 10-14 inches, though I see some dwarfish ears, and a very occasional 4 row aberration. I will be selecting for ear length in the future, as that is more true to type. Typically 1 ear per plant.

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