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Shandong Purple garlic bulbs. An Asiatic strain from China
Shandong Purple garlic plants growing in straw mulch. An Asiatic strain from China

Shandong Purple

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Shandong Purple has a nice raw heat that quickly fades, yet the most subtle hazelnut flavor when cooked through whole. I lace shepherd's pies with Shandong cloves whose creamy texture works perfect with whipped potatoes. Great grower in the garden, too!

Another Asiatic that has taken time to adapt, but now Shandong Purple is my favorite of the whole family, forming absolutely beautiful  glazed-pottery-esque bulb papers. I started with 20 plants- 19 died in the first winter. I carefully tended the one survivor, a runt that hadn’t sprouted as vigorously before the north winds of the polar vortex whacked us. The one survivor grew to a single round that summer. I planted the round, and got one sturdy, beautiful plant that I let go to scape. I planted the 7 cloves and the 5 bulbils and got exactly 12 gorgeous plants with beautiful bulbs as described. Several years later, it's now one of my most trusted, productive types. Can't recommend enough!

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