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Browse garlic in one big list

I've had many great suggestions from people for improving the site, and I know some of you don't enjoy the big ole sprawl of varieties to find. So, here it is, an old school list of all the garlic I grow. Bask in the simplicity of it...ahhh...

Family Common Name
Artichoke Polish Softneck
Artichoke Chet's Italian
Artichoke Chopaka Mountain
Artichoke French Red Softneck
Artichoke French Softneck
Artichoke Inchilium Red
Artichoke Oregon Blue
Artichoke Tochliavri
Artichoke Kettle River Giant
Artichoke Sicilian Artichoke
Artichoke Transylvanian
Artichoke Lukan
Artichoke Okrent
Artichoke Ozark
Artichoke New York White
Asiatic Pyong Yang
Asiatic Japanese
Asiatic Chinese Pink
Asiatic Asian Tempest
Asiatic Shandong Purple



Korean Red

Asiatic Tibetan
Creole Burgundy
Creole Morado Gigante
Creole Ajo Rojo
Creole Ajo Morado
Creole Aglio Rosso di Sulmona
Creole Donostia Red
Creole Guatemalan
Creole Pescadero Red
Creole Rose du Lautrec
Glazed Vekak
Glazed Red Rezan
Glazed Blanak
Glazed Purple Glazer
Marbled Lithuanian Red
Marbled Choparsky
Marbled Khabar
Marbled Bzenc
Marbled Jovak
Marbled Duganskij
Marbled Siberian
Marbled Bogatyr
Marbled Pehoski Purple
Marbled Estonian Red
Porcelain Floha
Porcelain Armenian
Porcelain Montana Giant
Porcelain Georgian Fire
Porcelain Russian Giant
Porcelain Continental
Porcelain Music
Porcelain Romanian Red
Porcelain German White
Porcelain French Pink
Porcelain German Extra Hardy
Porcelain Polish White
Porcelain Krasnodar White
Purple Stripe Metechi
Purple Stripe Ferganskij
Purple Stripe Shatili
Purple Stripe Chesnok Red / Shvelisi
Purple Stripe Persian Tempest
Purple Stripe Italian Purple Stripe
Purple Stripe Hungarian Purple Stripe
Purple Stripe Deerfield Purple
Purple Stripe Skuri
Rocambole Ukrainian
Rocambole Italian Red
Rocambole Spanish Roja
Rocambole Russian Red
Rocambole Turkish Red
Rocambole Vietnamese Purple
Rocambole Carpathian
Rocambole German Red
Rocambole Killarney Red
Rocambole Bavarian
Rocambole Krasnodar Red
Rocambole Calabria
Rocambole Hnat
Rocambole Okanagan Blue
Rocambole Chamisal
Rocambole Osage
Silverskin Idaho Silver
Silverskin Saint Helens
Silverskin Silver White
Silverskin Lokalen
Silverskin Sicilian Silver
Silverskin Bolivian
Silverskin Greek
Silverskin Mexican Red Silver
Silverskin Rose du Var
Silverskin Nootka Rose
Turban Uzbek
Turban Chengdu
Turban Xian
Turban Basque
Turban Maiskij
Turban Early Portuguese
Turban Thai Purple
Turban Tzan
Unknown Belarus
Unknown Nepal
Unknown Palestinian
Unknown Sural
Unknown Syrian
Unknown Single
Unknown Cusco
Wild Gadym Sarimsak
Wild Pskem River
Wild Punuk
Wild Shavat
Wild Jaxartes
Wild Kishlyk
Wild Arpakalen
New Anarres
New Ozodlik
New Pavonis
New Yuggoth
New Arsia
New Serenity Valley
New Navistar

I've put this antiquated image of a Tyrannosaurus Rex here to just give a shout out to the ole dinosaurs out there who like simple lists and old-school methods. Born in the late 80s, I can sympathize with you and still speak your language. I grew up with dial-up internet, I know how to use rotary phones and phonebooks, and was vaguely familiar with the Dewey decimal system. RAWR.



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