Ordering FAQs

1. Do you sell premium bulbs, kitchen grade, larges, etc? I do not do a grading by size, other than not shipping super small stuff. Instead, I focus on a quality sort, roguing for any signs of fusarium, nematode, and other enemies of garlic. As such, all my product is viable as planting stock or kitchen usage. "Kitchen garlic" that people are afraid to plant tends to also not keep well, so I'd rather just make sure my health is top notch and not worry about size. I do NOT clip the roots close. I leave about a half inch of roots on. This is better for planting and does no harm to chefs.

As a rule of thumb the 1 pound bags contain a full mix of sizes for that year's crop for that variety. I have limited amounts of all types so it's easiest to bag 'em as they come. Sometimes I throw in a few free loose cloves of that variety as well- we don't want to waste! Eat or plant loose cloves first.

If you order a 1/4 lb of a given variety, by necessity I will have to find the appropriate bulbs to equal, or slightly surpass a quarter pound. This may mean one large and one small, or two medium-ish types, etc. By its nature, it means you're never guaranteed to get two monsters if that's what you're going for. Ordering a half pound makes it more likely I'll include a true representative mix of the variety's sizes.

I do not currently plan on offering to sort out biggest bulbs by request, it would be unfair to those who don't request so. I'd have to add a premium price for that, and then run a discount on the pilfered pile of mediums. Sounds like a lot of work to make the same money or less. My farm's size does not allow for much of that- I usually only have a crate or two of each variety.

2. How much is shipping? Why aren't there any options? 

0 - 1.5 lb orders = $9.99.

1.5lb - 5.0 lb orders = $13.99

- orders greater than 5lbs are possible- just start the checkout process to have it automatically calculated.

Shipping is automatically calculated based on your order size and you'll be able to know exactly what it is before you finish your purchase.To simplify shipping I've decided to not offer anything expedited unless by absolute necessity and special request. My farm schedule means that sometimes I would not be able to honor an expedited order anyway. I've decided to do a simple sliding scale depending on order size in pounds, and it's up to me to keep my box and handling costs down. It will come by USPS most likely, as they do on-farm package pickups. I hope this simplified system works for everyone.

3. If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.