Please note- from November on, I will only ship on a weekly or twice weekly basis. If time is of the essence, please email first before placing an order, to confirm I can get it to you in time. Also- most inventory is up to date, so if it says Out of Stock, it almost definitely is. I will be implementing some kind of presale for the 2021 harvest so please come back and check in often, or sign up for my newsletter! Payments accepted via all major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and mailed-in checks

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Waiting for checkout to find out how much shipping is can be terrifying. So here's all the terror up front! In a world full of an excess of choices (just look at the bread aisle of a grocery store), I am trying to keep things simple on my site. I ship exclusively via the USPS because they have very easy on-farm pickups, allowing me to work full days without running off to the post office in business hours. I have to say their anti-fascism policy also resonated with me.

Shipping is based on the weight of your order, which the site automatically calculates at checkout. 

0 to 1.5 lbs                 $10

1.51 to 7.5 lbs           $14 (most often sent in a Priority Flate Rate Medium Box)

7.51 to 10 lbs            $22 (usually a Priority Flate Rate Large Box, or a larger                                                custom box)

10.01 to 14.00 lbs      $24 (custom box)


I don't offer expedited shipping because there are too many times in the season where I can't honor that. If you really want to get my garlic fast and have an extraordinary circumstance, you can check in with me at to see if I have the time to make an exception.



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