Please note- during planting season (Oct 13th-31st) I will only ship on a weekly basis, typically every Tuesday or Thursday. Orders must be placed 48 hours before my shipping day to be sure to go in that mailing. I apologize for those looking for planting stock, I'm in a rush to get garlic in myself! For those stocking up your kitchens, thanks for your patience as I get next year's garlic in the ground. Payments accepted via all major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and mailed-in checks

See our shipping costs

Waiting for checkout to find out how much shipping is can be terrifying. So here's all the terror up front! In a world full of an excess of choices (just look at the bread aisle of a grocery store), I am trying to keep things simple on my site. I ship exclusively via the USPS because they have very easy on-farm pickups, allowing me to work full days without running off to the post office in business hours. Their anti-fascism policy also resonated with me, I have to say.

Shipping is based on the weight of your order, which the site automatically calculates at checkout. 

0 to 1.5 lbs                 $10

1.51 to 7.5 lbs           $14 (most often sent in a Priority Flate Rate Medium Box)

7.51 to 10 lbs            $22 (usually a Priority Flate Rate Large Box, or a larger                                                custom box)

10.01 to 14.00 lbs      $24 (custom box)


I don't offer expedited shipping because there are too many times in the season where I can't honor that. If you really want to get my garlic fast and have an extraordinary circumstance, you can check in with me at to see if I have the time to make an exception.