Please note- during planting season (Oct 13th-31st) I will only ship on a weekly basis, typically every Tuesday or Thursday. Orders must be placed 48 hours before my shipping day to be sure to go in that mailing. I apologize for those looking for planting stock, I'm in a rush to get garlic in myself! For those stocking up your kitchens, thanks for your patience as I get next year's garlic in the ground. Payments accepted via all major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and mailed-in checks

Terms of Service, Refund Policy, and Contact Info

By using this site, you implicitly agree to the following-

1. All advice given on this site, whether about growing, using, or storing garlic, should always be understood as just advice and not a formal consultation, and it's your responsibility to do full due diligence to make your own decisions based on your own climate, tools, time, etc.

2. When making a purchase, I assume that if you have concerns about the exact size of each variety, the exact shipping date I'll be able to get it to you, etc and so forth, you will have already read my FAQ page and/or sent me the questions.

In regards to refunds, please note the following:

I work very hard to sort my bulbs by quality, discarding those that have diseases which will result in the unusability of a clove, whether it's in the kitchen or for planting. However, inevitably, some imperfect cloves will be missed, and some bulbs may turn out to dry out, shrivel, et cetera. No refunds are guaranteed in such cases, but if more than 5% of your order contains such bulbs, I will consider a refund, but in my experience of using my own stock, no more than 0.5% of all bulbs fail in such a way. It is assumed that you accept the risk of some imperfections or losses, while understanding that I work very hard to keep that number below 1% in actuality.

In regards to any other refunds, none will be honored if it's a topic covered in my FAQs page or something covered here. I've never had a request for a refund but I want the policy to be clear- refunds are issued when I screw up, not for when someone else screws up! If I mis-pack your order or have misrepresented any product, let me know and we'll figure out a way to fix it!


In the case of a variety running out, I will always contact you about acceptable substitutions or an offer of a single-line refund for that portion of your order. For substitutions I tend to suggest varieties that are in the same genetic subfamily, unless you indicate another preference. Your order will be put on a figurative "backburner" until you respond. In the case of no response, I reserve the right to ship your order 7 days after my email of a suggested substitution, with my own decision for either a substitution or a refund. A lack of a response is implied to mean that the decision is mine at that 7 day mark. I do not want to hold onto partially finished orders for very long.

I find that most customers are very happy with my suggestions and that's the better way. However, I have to write the policy to reflect the small percent of people who don't communicate or indicate their preferences.

Shipping Dates-

I start shipping out orders as soon as I can when the garlic is cured in September, and I complete them as best I can on a first come, first serve basis. Unlike some other farms, I do not attempt to time my shipping depending on your location- it's simply because this is a small scale farm, and "first come first serve" is simpler. If you want garlic early, order it early! This is a part time operation so it should be understood that there are no guarantees of when your order will be processed, other than "as soon as its turn is up." Currently (September 25th) I am caught up to almost all orders made before September 19th, and I expect to be caught up to all orders by September 29th (pending approvals of substitution offers, etc). I expect that in the next few weeks, I'll be on top of most orders within a 7 day timeframe.

Contact Info-

In case you have not seen the contact info elsewhere, I, Daren Carroll, am the sole proprietor of this farm, and can be reached at Phone numbers can be exchanged in an email conversation if so desired (too many robocalls happen for "small business loans" when I put my phone number out there). My address is 127 Lincoln Hill Road, Eagle Bridge, NY 12057, but don't show up unannounced, there's no farmstand and the neighbors are watchful! Farm visits/tours are by private appointment only, through, you guessed!