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The Index of Truly Extra Miscellaneous Stuff

This is an index of miscellaneous pages covering topics of (possible) interest to you. This is in lieu of a cluttered menu.

See our Shipping Costs- shipping is based on order weight- take a look at the table to know your shipping costs.

Garlic Growing 101- a primer where I lay out the basics of growing garlic organically

Can I plant garlic in December?- every year, customers who buy their garlic late, or miss the usual planting windows, email me this question. I explain that yes, you can, but I give some advice to improve the outcomes

Information on Bulbils- the little mini cloves that form on scapes if you don't harvest them- learn all about 'em.

Hardnecks and softnecks- often used terms for the two main visual differences between the families of garlic. Learn more here.

Adequate Moisture Content Garlic Memes- a page of OC (original content) garlic memes. Since dankness is a little too humid, and overly dry conditions will reduce storage quality, garlic memes are best kept at an Adequate Moisture Content

Garlic and Linguistics- some interesting general rambling factoids about the words for garlic

Garlic Naming Conventions and Potential Confusion- the ways that variety names can confuse as much as clarify.

Growing a Three Sisters Plot- How to successfully grow corn, beans, and squash together.

How to Keep Over One Hundred Garlic Varieties Separate- here, I detail the practices I use to keep things straight, with some pointers for anyone, gardener or farmer, who wants to do the same

Ginger, Turmeric, and Woad- specialty crops I've grown in various past years, information on how it's done

A Brief Survey of Farming on Mars- space settlements and exobotany are an interest of mine, so here I share some basic insights into what farming on Mars will require. Not an expert-level intro but a "summary of research"




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