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Grá den Talún Farm is a small scale, organically grown specialty crop farm located in upstate New York, growing both heirloom and newly bred garlic types (shop by family here or scroll below), and heirloom corn and pole beans for seed. Head over to the About Us page if you want to learn more about the farm and my growing practices, or browse by family below.

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My Growing Practices

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Time-tested varieties and practices result in better garlic- in every sense of the word. Genetic diversity, disease resistance, flavor, and growing quality.

The early years...

I expanded my garlic as a homeowner’s rebellion against the monotony of mowing. This is from 2015 as oversized garden became undersized farm.


Grá den Talún Farm works to preserve the shared heritage of humankind, and life itself, by stewarding as many heirloom varieties as possible, while using traditional breeding methods to advance the frontiers of new varieties suited to challenging climates.

Early soil type:

Lithic. (rocks)

What does "Grá den Talún" mean?

When I first started I wanted a unique name to reflect the spirit and goals of the farm. "Grá den talún" /graw dehn tah-loon/ is the phrase "love of the land" in Irish Gaelic.

I had also read marketing advice saying don't pick unpronounceable names but I don't want to be the one thousand, seven-hundred and twenty-fourth "SpiritLedgeRockSharedHarvest Farm" now do I?

Blog posts

Growing garlic in pots or other containers

This blog post is an edited form of an email I exchanged with a customer. Thanks to the customer who provoked the conversation- I’m sharing the advice I gave you to the rest of my readers! Also thanks to the "New Jersey" customer who got me thinking about garlic in pots during correspondences last year.
This winter's reading...garlic, organic matter, and prosocial behavior

This winter's reading...garlic, organic matter, and prosocial behavior

Picture is of garlic stems and roots where I cleaned/processed garlic this year. Ample fungal growth is happening all around and in the garlic li...

The days ahead...

Writing tonight, September 24th, I'm happy to report that every pre-order is out, and a good chunk of recent orders are headed to the post office t...



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