Please note, as I shift gears to focus on two final festivals, all new orders will be shipped on October 4th at the soonest, and October 11th at the latest! Only garlic currently in stock is pre-busted cloves of Pskem River (click banner here), or pre-busted Shandong Purple (find in the Asiatic family). Thanks!

Bulbs of Ajo Rojo heirloom garlic

Ajo Rojo

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Amazing flavor up front, but the heat is mild and doesn’t linger- an amazing feat for a garlic. It also is a great sauteer and all-purpose, superior flavored garlic. Even beats the Rocamboles. As a Creole, Ajo Rojo has stayed on the medium side for bulb size up north here, but the front-to-back complexity of the flavor makes up for that, and then some. It is my most consistent-yielding Creole, and one of my earliest to sell out, so I'm planting more and more to supply the demand! 6-8 cloves per bulb.

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