Garlic inventories are temporarily changed to zero on all stock, as I pack the remaining garlic up for a large festival. All current orders will be packed and shipped by Friday (Oct 1st). Pre-orders for corn and bean seeds will continue to be accepted. Thanks for your orders. Depending on remaining stock, garlic inventories will be updated October 8th or so.

Heirloom corn and bean seeds

The 2020 Hopi Blue and Iroquois Skunk beans are sold out. Any orders for them are pre-orders for early 2022 shipments of the 2021 crop. There's still some more 2020 Tuscarora White, feel free to place orders for them! I won't be doing another Tuscarora grow-out til 2022 (and therefore have it for sale in late 2022, early 2023) so place Tuscarora orders now if you want some! Thanks-

Shipping is by weight, most non-garlic seed orders will be $3.75-$5.75 in shipping (unless you get plenty, which you're welcome to do!). Click here for the shipping page. If you're in no rush for your Tuscarora seed (prebuying for a 2022 growout?) I'm happy to ship it out with a garlic order in September.

Head over to this page to learn more about Three Sisters farming. I grow all my seed organically in a Three Sisters farm plot.

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