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Turkish Red garlic bulbs- an heirloom Marbled Purple Stripe  variety.

Turkish Red

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I have to admit I’m a Turcophile, that’s why I first tried this variety out nearly a decade ago. Since then it has earned its place in the lineup many a time over. It’s very responsive to iron content in the soil (which is the origin of most red coloring in garlic skins) so amend your soil with good manure and your Turkish Red will be flame red like the red tulips on the glazed tile of Istanbul- beautiful!

Turkish Red was sold to me as a Rocambole, and throughout the Northeast, many growers sell and trade it as a Rocambole, but I can confidently say, it's a Marbled Purple Stripe. There is a Rocambole named Turkish Red, supposedly, but all Turkish Red I've seen in the Northeast has been the same strain, and is actually Marbled. The coloration can be muted, the clove count can go down in poor soil conditions, which will make it look more similar to familiar Rocambole types like German Red, but with proper soil and care, it's a dead ringer for the Marbled family. I include it in my Rocamboles so people can see and learn this info!

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