Hopi Blue

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In my 2019 gardening year, I grew about 200 Hopi Blue plants. I was blown away by how much taller and more robust the plants were than my other types trialed- and then I tried the flour made from Hopi Blue, and that made the decision to focus on them even easier. Add on the fact that its protein levels are 30% higher, on average, than any other type grown near it assuming same soil and climate conditions, and the choice is obvious. The kernels grind up to a fluffy, nutty, nutritious flour that tastes great mixed in with morning oatmeal, and in cornbread. This year I'm going to try nixtamalization of some kernels to make tamales and tortillas as well. Following industry standards, seed grade is selected from the inner rows of a quarter acre block to ensure 0% outcrossing from even distant cornfields, while outer rows are sold as food grade, since despite large distances, there is a very small (.1-.3%) chance of outcrossing with other types from distant fields.