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Kishlyk garlic bulbs- a variety first collected from the wild


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A variety collected from the wild, Kishlyk's bulbs can look superficially like a Marbled Purple Stripe without the coloration, but the plants are taller and statelier. Rich, creamy roasted texture makes it a pleasure to add to buttered smashed potatoes. Only a mild raw bite, that is heavily "earthy" with none of the green/grassy undertones.

Kishlyk is also a prolific producer of true garlic seed (from flowers). Avram Drucker of Garlicana Farm has bred several types from Kishlyk, including Anarres, Ozodlik, and Yuggoth, which I also grow and sell. The diversity of Kishlyk's children is quite remarkable, having grown all of them on my farm a couple years now. Considering two of the three best true-seed types on my farm have Kishlyk parentage, it strongly suggests its importance as a true-seed breeder for the Northeast. You can check out Avram's site to learn more about it and his true-seed breeding work here : Garlicana.com. Also- you can go direct to his true seed how-to article here.

I am continuing to learn new things not to do with true seed production, but hope to have on-farm bred types by some point in the near future. Kishlyk has been short-listed as the likely source of more well-suited types. It also tastes damn good, and its child Ozodlik is that, and then some!



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