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Syrian garlic bulbs


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I acquired Syrian a couple years ago and have grown it every year since then, and the bulbs are unfortunately way too small to offer for sale, and most of the small cloves replanted are lost in the winter, so it has not budged from its small size yet. I will keep the variety listed here for educational purposes to share my results so far. Average bulb weight has been a stubbornly low .3 to .5 ounces (for those that even survive). For illustration's sake, most heirlooms readily attain 1.5 to 2.5 ounces under typical conditions. It also stubbornly continues to produce 15 or so cloves on these tiny bulbs, which makes the winter survival situation worse (in contrast, some oddballs like Nepal or Palestinian will at least grow 2-4 cloves, or rounds, when they're .3 to .5 ounces, which helps more of the seed pieces survive).



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