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Ozark softneck garlic bulbs- an Artichoke family type from the Ozarks of Missouri


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I bought Ozark from fellow growers at Bennington Garlic Festival, and they hoped I would continue the variety as they were not sure how long they could continue it commercially. It is not winning size contests but in a cold winter that killed 40% of my softnecks, Ozark survived at 90% plus. All the "lilly-liver" has been bred out of it! Even as an Artichoke, it has a large number of weakly bolting plants each year- going partially hardneck. Very common for bulbils to form in the pseudostem, and for the plants to scape with bulbils up top as well. I plant all those various seed sources. If we’re all whacked with nuclear armageddon, there’ll be cockroaches scurrying around patches of Ozark garlic.

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