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Pavonis garlic bulbs- a True Seed Origin garlic that is the result of a Krasnodar White "mother" and a possible Marbled "father"


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Pavonis, named for the small equatorial mountain on Mars, between Arsia Mons and Olympus Mons. In my soil, it attains a nice popping heat a second or two after crushing, while getting sweet upon cooking. The cloves peeled easily for me, yet to see if that will be a recurring trait.

Bred by Avram Drucker of Garlicana Farm, Pavonis is one of the many results of his years of work in true garlic seed production (see more about true seed production here). Further description to come as I see how it grows in my soil and does in the kitchen- meanwhile, check out Avram's site to learn more about it, and his work.

Pavonis is another descendant of a Krasnodar White plant, like its sibling Arsia. Excitingly, Avram believes it may have actually crossed with male pollen of another subfamily of garlic, possibly a Marbled, as Pavonis exhibits several key differences from its known parent and siblings.

Even in my soil, far different from Avram's, the cloves show a coloration I typically see in my Marbled varieties.

*It is a good reminder that even in pollination/sexual crossing, a plant's male parts may pollinate the female parts. While this does result in a new random scramble of genes, possibly allowing new double recessive or double dominant genes to do new things, it's not quite as freaking cool as total crosses between two distant families like Marbled and Porcelains crossing. That's what's cool about Pavonis, looks like it may have crossed with a Marbled "father."

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