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True Seed Origin Garlics

Hardneck Cloves per bulb vary heavily since every variety is nearly a new family unto itself. 6-8 is fairly typical, but will vary with bulb size. Yuggoth has notably more cloves, at 10-12 per.

I bought the current varieties listed here for 2022 from Avram Drucker of Garlicana Farm in 2019 and planted here on my farm. Avram bred them from various fertile garlics, mostly wild ones such as Kishlyk, or the Porcelain Krasnodar White. Most of these varieties have been grown on my farm for three seasons now, while Bei Ilai and Ceraunius are newer to me and just grown in the 2020-2021 season. Some are still adapting to the Northeast soil and climate, others are quickly getting the hang of things and sizing up. Ozodlik and Bei Ilai are making nice, large bulbs with good papers, while Serenity Valley is not as large, but is the spiciest garlic I've ever found. It's been really fun to see the diversity of these types and the expression of new life and new scrambles of genes in the garlic world.

Garlics that are the result of true seed production tend to be more fertile than heirloom types (they are, by definition, selected from the few heirlooms still capable of it)- if you wish to try true seed production yourself, these types are the way to go. Click here for more details about how to do true seed production, on Avram's site. Big hint- you'll be wanting to hold onto the scapes!

Mostly mid and late season harvest. Exceptions- Ozodlik can be harvested early to mid, Serenity Valley and Bei Ilai can hold out til late.

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